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Officer Training

Coming Alive in Christ: Training for PC(USA) Ruling Elders and Deacons based on the Constitutional Questions
This multi-session resource, delivered through Equip, is created for study by and training of those serving as ruling elders and deacons. Based on the theological principles of the constitutional questions asked and answered in ordination, questions for discussion and reflection are included.

Leader Guides are provided; one using a monthly format of one question per lesson and the other using a three-lesson format.

Theocademy: Preparation for Ordered Ministry
What is ordered ministry and why is it important to the Presbyterian Church? What does one need to know to be an effective leader in the Presbyterian church? These videos will explore and answer these and other questions about ordained leadership in the Presbyterian tradition.

Making Disciples, Making Leaders—Participant Workbook, Updated Second Edition
This workbook introduces biblical principles for leadership before describing the important task of the nominating committee.

Making Disciples, Making Leaders—Leader Guide, Updated Second Edition

Creating Ruling Elder Training
A PowerPoint presentation of slides for pastors and other church leaders as they think about what might be included in preparing ruling elders to serve.

Opening Doors to Discipleship
An online series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help leaders be effective in their ministries. While the courses are geared toward those in teaching ministries of the church, several of the modules are very appropriate for those serving as ruling elders.

The Session Ref: A Training Film
Members of a mock Session help us understand how meetings can run more smoothly. (Please note: the motion made by "the funny guy" to table the issue of fixing the organ was improper. The correct motion would be to postpone indefinitely. Also note that the discussion following the motion to table was improper, including the maker's explanation of his thinking. A motion to table, unlike a motion to postpone indefinitely, is not debatable. A flag was not thrown for either violation.)

Called to Discipleship: Preparing Church Officers for Leadership
A complete training course used at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota in three parts:

Principles of Presbyterian Polity
A PowerPoint presentation originally used in the Presbytery of East Tennessee by former Stated Clerk, the Rev. Gradye Parsons, and edited for general use in Ruling Elder training.

Adapted from Ruling Elder Training. (n.d.).