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Partnering in Hope: A JustHope PartnerTrip


Presbytery of SE Illinois


La Flor, Nicaragua

March 11-18, 2017


Our primary activity will be to grow our relationship with our global neighbors - learning about their culture; experiencing daily life with them; and hearing their struggles, hopes, and dreams. We will also engage with them in working to realize some of their dreams, including building some “green stoves” that will allow for greater ecological sustainability. And, of course, there will be time for a bit of sightseeing! Participants should be in good health, able to walk at least ¼ mile, and must be pre-approved by group leader.


We will spend two nights in the capital city of Managua, and the rest of the week in La Flor. Living arrangements will be very modest. We will sleep in the community center in La Flor with inflatable beds and mosquito nets, have a shower and latrines. We will eat “tipico” Nicaraguan food  (rice and beans, eggs, fruits and vegetables) prepared by the community. Electricity may be limited and sporadic, but we will have running water (a rarity in rural Nicaragua). Internet and phone service in La Flor is poor.

In order to bring donations to the community in our checked baggage, personal items will be limited to one carryon suitcase and a backpack per person. It’s a chance to see what we can do without!

Costs and Registration

The cost will be $825 (with 8 or more participants; with fewer than 8 the cost will increase), plus airfare. This covers lodging, meals, in-country transportation, interpreter expenses, and trip coordination and leadership. The only personal costs will be meals en route to and from Nicaragua, $10 visa, souvenirs, and any unscheduled activities/meals the team decides to add, such as zip-lining or visiting an artisan community.

 A $200, nonrefundable deposit is due with your registration by December 11; the balance is due by January 7. Register online at

 More information: Mary Simon,, or Phil Morice Brubaker,

ABOUT JUSTHOPE                                


JustHope is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create long-term global partnerships that are committed to combating extreme poverty and increasing global understanding. JustHope Global Partners engage one another in cultural exchanges, cooperative learning, mutual dialogue, and sharing resources. Although partners often engage in development projects together, the focus of the partnerships is on increasing global understanding and empowering self-determination. JustHope’s methodology focuses on leadership development and sustainability–in both the global partnerships we help establish and in any development projects the partners undertake.


Click on the link below for a news story on this exciting program:


First Presbyterian of Shelbyville wishes to remind anyone or any church considering going on a foreign mission trip that transportation (airfare) funds are available through the Keilman Foreign Mission Trust that the church administers.  The guidelines are listed below or you may request printed guidelines from the church. The church phone is 217-774-3624 OR you may reach Patricia Peterson at 217-454-7665.  It should be noted that missioners who wish to receive travel funds should apply well in advance (about, say, three months or more ahead of time) if possible.

The mission is to be a sustainable foreign Christian mission.  Priority for funds will be given to individuals endorsed from churches in the Southeast Presbytery. Shelbyville First Presbyterian will be preparing budget for 2017 transportation grants in December 2016.  If you are planning a mission trip you are wishing us to provide transportation for in 2017 please have your requests in by Nov. 30 if possible. That way, we will have some sort of idea the amount of money to budget from the trust for transportation. Questions and applications may be e-mailed to

Click on the following link for the Travel Requirements:


(information coming soon on how to use this program)

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  • Presbytery - $28.69
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  • GA - $7.12


  • Presbytery - $29.07
  • Synod - $3.81
  • GA - $7.12
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